Dress Code / Rules

Rems is a place to unwind and relax. We are one of the busiest Establishments in Orange County and have a wide variety of Clientele

So come in shorts from the beach, or in a Tux after a Wedding. Dressy to Casual is welcome, we just want you to have a great time.

We do have a couple “No-No’s” however. Obviously no Gang related Apparel. Shoes must be worn at all time. Rems very much respects “Motorcycle Clubs” but does ask that no “Colors”, “Cuts”, Vests, Hats, “Rags” or Support Shirts (soft-cuts) be worn inside. This includes “Family Clubs”, “Ironworkers” and even “Military MC’s” … we must be fair to all.

Rems reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Obviously intoxicated or “drugged” Patrons will be cut-off and/or asked to leave. Rems will provide you a FREE Lyft if necessary, just ask for assistance. We care about our Customers and your safety … we want you to come back and see us again.

Rems is 21 & Over, No outside alcohol allowed inside … no liquor allowed outside at any time. No Loitering. Anyone disturbing others will be asked to leave. This is Private Property, if “trespassed” and instructed to leave by any Staff Member, you must must vacate the property immediately by law.

Thank you, Rems wants to ensure a great time for all Patrons. Our “policies” and the love for our Customers are the reason we have earned a 4+ Star review Average on Google, Yelp & Facebook.